Cutie Vegan Bento Sugar Cookies

Penguin :)

Not a recipe today, but some fun ideas and photos.

It all started when I was shopping at Yoko Yaya, a Japanese store in Vancouver where you can buy most things for a twoonie (or for two dollars, as Non-Canadians would probably say).

That’s where I found these adorable bento food cutters:

Bento thingies

These are for making children’s lunches; the idea is that you use the cutters to cut lunchmeat, cheese, egg, or seaweed into fun shapes to decorate rice balls, sandwiches, etc.

See? The back of it gives instructions;

“It is completion if it decorates it with the ham and the cheese. etc.”

Anyhoo. I have a sweet tooth. And while I may someday try to use these to make fun vegan bento lunches, a much sweeter idea popped into my head…

Cutie Vegan Bento Sugar Cookies

I found my copy of The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur by Kelly Peloza and opened it up to her recipe for amazingly soft sugar cookies. I mixed up a batch of dough and divided it, massaging a different food colour into each portion except for one.

I made my kitchen a mess

…making a huge mess of my kitchen in the process.

I used the un-coloured portion to cut rounds out of.

Cutting the dough....

And then I rolled out portions of the coloured dough. Now comes the fun part, if you’re anything like me. But if you aren’t someone who enjoys creating elaborate sweets in the kitchen, this is the tedious part.

Mmmm food colours

As you can see, I roll my dough out on wax paper to make it easier to clean the flour off of my work surface when I am done.

I used the cutters to make little animals for the cookies. It only took a bit of water to make them stick. Here they are before I baked them.

Before baking

I didn’t give all of them pupils because the placement of the sprinkles was tricky. I need to buy a pair of tweezers to use specifically for placing decorations on baked goods. I placed those ones with my hands because I knew my friends would not appreciate me using the tweezers from my bathroom – as you can see, I gave up after putting pupils on two cookies.

Now, the thing about this sugar cookie recipe is this; they do make soft and chewy sugar cookies that aren’t too sweet and roll out beautifully, and they hold their shape while baking. All of these are good things, of course, but they aren’t terribly flavourful on their own. This particular recipe needs frosting to really make them shine. So with that in mind, I also baked a batch of plain round cookies, and then sandwiched the animal cookies on top of them using the basic “buttercream” frosting recipe, with lemon zest added. The finished cookies were so much fun to twist apart and eat!

Here is the batch I baked for my friend Rhean.

A gift for a friend

I hope she enjoyed them! What creative things do you do with sugar cookie dough?


3 responses

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  2. I looove Yoko Yaya (and the giant Daiso in Aberdeen Center, or whatever that mall is called)–I go multiple times everytime I go to Vancouver 😀 I haven’t even used half of the stuff I’ve picked up there, but it’s like, well who DOESN’T need tin foil with whales printed on it?

    These cookies are really adorable, and a great use of those cutters!

    • Aw, my first blog comment! And I’m so happy it’s from you, I love reading your blog! I live in Surrey, and don’t make it out to Daiso or Yoko Yaya nearly as often as I’d like, but whenever I do go, I too have the same problem with buying more cute stuff than I could possibly use. By all rights, I should have the most wicked awesome bento lunches around, but sheer laziness keeps this from being a reality.

      I’m glad you like the cookies 🙂

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