Doughnuts and tiny bundt cakes

Howdy! I’m Kayleen, and this is my brand spankin’ new food blog. I’m awkward at introductions, so I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there:
get it in me

Oh yes.

So, last year, I found this handy dandy doughnut pan  at a thrift store, and immediately put it to use trying out all sorts of recipes for vegan doughnuts. The ones pictured above are ones I packaged up to sell at a bake sale.

Despite the doughnuts being deliciously awesome, my poor little doughnut pan stayed untouched in my cupboard until the other day, when a doughnut craving hit me so badly I knew I just HAD to dust off my pan and get baking.

That’s where this blog comes in. It’s the very thing I was reading that touched off this doughnut craving.

Now, the blog author does mention that her doughnuts turn out pretty much like cake, but I think I’m okay with that. Sometimes a little cake doughnut is all a girl needs.

Actually, sometimes three large cake doughnuts is all a girl needs.

I made her recipe almost as directed (well I HAD to add a splash of vanilla), and had just enough batter for 6 doughnuts. Oh, and these:


Two teeny, tiny bundt cakes.

I bought these tiny bundt cake pans recently and have been dying to try them out. Look at how small they are next to my regular bundt cake pans:

(yes, I'm aware I have an unhealthy obsession with bundt cake.)

Anyhoo, the doughnuts (and miniature bundt cakes) were delicious. My girlfriend gave one to her classmate and she said it was the best doughnut she ever ate. I love omnivore praise….

And doughnuts.