Happy thanksgiving!

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Jess and I will be celebrating at the home of her friend and classmate Lucretia, along with Jess’ other classmates. I think it’ll be a bittersweet Thanksgiving for most of us; Jess and I have our families across the country in Ontario, and Jess’ classmates are all from way up north. Even though we can’t be with our families, we can at least be with each other, celebrating our hodgepodge of traditions and delicious foods.

I was hard at work all day yesterday, cooking up a ton of dishes to bring to the dinner. I was too busy to get any photographs of the cooking in progress (Just imagine a kitchen with a whirlwind blowing through it), but I’ll share with you my menu. It’ll be a dinner of omnivores – plus me, the lone vegan – so Lu is making a turkey, plus I hear she is doing roasted potatoes and bannock. Meanwhile, I’m bringing;

Jamaican Patties (recipe to come!)
FatFreeVegan’s Green Bean Casserole
Glazed Fall Vegetables
Vegan butter tarts

I’ve also got an apple pie and a cranberry apple pie (family recipes) and I’m bringing along a few cans of creamed corn and mushroom gravy (just in case – although I’m sure there will be more than enough food!)

I’m thankful for a lot of things today; a loving partner, a good job, and a fridge full of good food. What are you thankful for?