Dinner from Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy

The other day at the library, I picked up The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy by Afya Ibomu. Today I finally got a chance to look through it, and was pleasantly surprised. Afya includes a lot of information, such as nutrition information, some history of soulfood, and information about the ingredients used in the book. I loved and appreciated the pages with the color photographs of the ingredients – if you’ve ever caught yourself at the grocery store scratching your head and wondering which squash is the kabocha squash, you’ll find this section immensely helpful.

I chose three recipes to make for dinner tonight, and these choices were of course entirely dependant on what I had available in my kitchen:

Mashem Up potatoes from page 121
B-sprouts from page 114
Savory Sauxsage Seitan from page 99

I also fried some mushrooms to serve them with.

Dinner from Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy

As you can see, dinner was awesome.

I only made a handful of changes here and there; I didn’t have fennel seeds for the seitan or celery for the broth, and I left out the seaweed. Instead, I added some poultry seasoning and bay leaves.

The Brussels sprouts I made more or less according to recipe, but ommitted the powdered garlic – I didn’t see the need for it when there are already 5 cloves of fresh garlic in the recipe. I think I may have finally found a person on the planet who likes garlic more than I do!

The mashed potatos were pretty close to what I already do with my mashed potatos. I left the red potato skins on and added a bit of parsley.

I’m happy with tonight’s dinner and looking forward to trying more of Afya’s lovely recipes.